The Purani Order is a theocratic despotism lead by the Archon and his high priests. They worship a pantheon of gods, eight who are one, and interpret their divine will through the Archon. A highly conformist society where deviance is punishable by prison or death, yet the doctrine changes slightly with each new Archon. This is explained as the gods letting Purani society adapt and expand to new challenges, what before was heresy, is now accepted and what used to be doctrine is now heresy. Ex: Claiming that Alaria wasn’t the center of the universe was punishable by burning at the stake, now it’s an accepted fact. The gods wanted the Purani to focus on developing society and conquering the world so they didn’t want them focused on anything outside of Alaria, once they were unified (and population pressure began to mount) the universe was open to them and they could expand their horizon. They still believe that Alaria is the real center of the universe, but accept that it orbits Alaris, which in turn orbits the galaxy, etc.

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